Tax Collectors...and Other Sinners


Hello!  I'm Wayne Vinson, author of Tax Collectors and Other Sinners, a fast moving action novel about a boy named Bobby Bain who lives near Salineville, a small town in northeastern Ohio.  Bobby's dad runs a machine shop--runs it until IRS seizes and sells it for back taxes, a very bad time indeed for Dad who ends it all at the end of a rope--and for Bobby who finds him, hanging.

Tax Collectors and Other Sinners

The boy swears vengeance against Internal Revenue in general and in particular against the tax agent who handled Dad's case.  Years later, Bobby--a cold and accomplished killer--murders IRS agents spectacularly.  And anonymously, which is a big problem for the Feds who do not initially know whom to go after, and so can't protect their people against further killings.  The action rages across the state.

This book is about the IRS, but it won't tell you how to fill out your income tax return or check on your refund, none of that boring stuff.  This is a thriller with a taste of horror thrown in right off the bat...definitely not for weenies...just so you know, okay?

This is a great read--check it out on Amazon where readers are giving it 5 stars and saying "Great Read," "Fantastic," "Best book I read all summer," and a whole bunch of other good stuff. 

My Kirkus review says "Vinson does an excellent job of pacing the book.  His cast of unique and well thought out.  Vinson's book is a thoughtful, innovative page turner..."

You can get it in hard cover or soft cover from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and (the publisher).  For Kindles go to Amazon.  For a signed copy through PayPal click above left on "Buy Signed Copy."

For information about me click above left.  I was a federal tax collector for eight years and an IRS group manager for 25 more.